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About Us

We are a small enterprise based in Norfolk, England. We personally design and hand-craft all of the items we sell. Most of our products are made from Polymer Clay. We also make sterling silver charms. All our items are individually made and therefore no two items are completely identical, they are all unique.

Our items are inspired by the whole variety of different ages of Britain, past and present. From the STONEAGE and Celtic influences, right through to The Middle Ages; Anglo Saxon and Viking Britain leading right up to the Colourful Tudor Court and beyond. The Industrial Age and the Victorian era then into the 20th Century; The Vintage days we love, including Art Deco designs and silent movies and then the Retro years, when everyone started to let their hair down and not feel quite so guilty about having a good time. Including iconic images of popular culture like vinyl records and record players, television and radio, the games we played as children and seaside holidays.

Since the 1990's, sport has been rejuvenated in Britain and became a big part of popular British culture again. With the introduction of the English Football Premier League in 1992, the London 2012 Olympics and even having the first Men's Wimbledon Tennis Champion for over 70 years in 2013, British sport has become more popular than ever. We hope to reflect this too.

We hope that you will find something that really inspires you or that you feel an affinity with. It could be a particular time period that you are interested in. You may find something that reminds you of your childhood. There may also be a particular British cultural experience that you love, such as visiting the traditional British seaside or playing board games with your family. On the other hand, if you are looking for an unusual gift or unique treat for yourself, you may want to look at the range of earrings or silver charms, for instance, that we have on offer. We've got it covered!

Retrology started life as Vangar-Emporium back in 2005. This enterprise has now been relaunched but with a few changes. The range of goods is a little different to that which we offered previously.

Please visit us on Facebook and Twitter. We aim to give occasional special offers and information about historical events, so please do join us.